Apr. 25th, 2014

tehkittykat: norman from mighty max doing the headwall (sat am; norman headwall)
I need to stop being a baby and do the yoga stuff again. I know what it is. I got this yoga mat two weeks ago thinking hey, since I'm going to be doing it all the time I could use the extra padding because my knees have needs. And I got it and it's extra thick and has nice positive words on it, even though I don't need one and was kinda feeling a little ambivalent about the purchase... and then I got the damn stomach bug that knocked me on my ass for two days and kept me from going to the sakura festival. And I'm subconsciously blaming the mat even though it was clearly the soymilk thing that did me in. (I must have developed a sensitivity or something or it was a bad bottle because I'd had that stuff before and was fine.. ugh.)

And once I was finally feeling better and thinking of starting, shark week arrived.. and I know it's also an excuse because dammit last month I started when my period started, but can't quite shake it.

I think I might do an exorcism before I use the mat for real. Maybe make some wash or something for it and clean it so that the bad vibes go away. I don't care if it's psychological, I don't feel like fighting my brain over something dumb when it means I can also have mat cleaner. (Also thinking about burning my sandalwood candle when I practice because fire and also because we really need to start burning some of these candle we have jfc.)

It needs to hurry up and be summer already. I think my work level going down would be helpful.

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