Apr. 3rd, 2014

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Friday is tomorrow yay! Have vague plans to see Captain America this weekend, possibly on Sunday depending on how long I'm out because oil change.

I have a theory that I may actually be a 9.5 with dress shoes since my cute black ballet flats ended with me in foot cramps.. and my cute red ones that are 9.5s did not give me this problem. However, the movie theater that we like is near a shoe place, so I may drop in and look for replacement cute black ballet flats. (The crocs shouldn't be a problem, they run large.)

Counting down the days until graduation when I will start getting paid to sit around in the peace and quiet and putter. It'll be prep-for-next-year puttering but damn sometimes I wish I had a normal office job that didn't involve dealing with so many people all the time. Surprisingly this year I'm not having the large pains of I wanna quit that I normally do.. but I think part of that is looking at the testing crap coming down the pike and part of that is being the one carrying the bennies. I'll probably stay exactly where I am until forced out-- I like my coworkers and the environment and switching places would be a crapshoot, plus this frees the wife up to look for something that will pay her what she's worth. OTOH, testing crap means that the state might have to start looking real hard at some of their testing goals or else fire all the teachers ever, so there is that. (Seriously, one of the provisions of the current testing model is "continuous improvement" which is what it sounds like. Somehow scores have to rise every year or you're boned. Yes, this is a statistical impossibility due to regression toward the mean, but tell the political guys that... and I think it's going to get dumber with the new round coming down, since they want to test literary interp and yet somehow do it multiple choice.)

My makeup is awesome. The foundation/primer is working out great, and I'm not experiencing anything worse than the normal post-period breakout session.. and in fact I think this one's been a bit lighter than normal since I'm having to scrub my face so assiduously and also putting on lotion and crap for the day. Been using a matte lipstick that's pretty cool.. thinking of trying to find a similar shade in that lovely 24-hour colorstay stuff because I hate reapplying lipstick all day.

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