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I got a cartilage piercing yesterday-- third set of holes coming up from my earlobes. It's cartilage since last time I tried I got it done right where the lobe meets the stuff and it yucked up horribly, never quite healed right from rubbing. This way things ought to go just fine-- my other cartilage piercing healed fine and sat around for 12 years, after all. (The hole is still mostly there but eh don't want to re-pierce it because the placement was awkward, which is why I finally let it close this year. I think if I get something done high on my ear again, it'll be in a different spot.)

Think I might be developing a slight masochistic streak. It actually felt good. Didn't hurt as much as I vaguely remembered, and while yeah I stopped for advil for the swelling even that didn't bother me as much as I remember it doing. (Swelling's down today, too... so I might just also be better at healing IDK.)

Cashier girl at LUSH talked me into getting a toner spray when I went to get face goop... actually I think it was worth the money. If I use it with the night cream I got, it lets me use a lot less lotion and still feel soft as a baby's ass in the morning. Much less greasy. I have a sample of LUSH's fancy face lotion, but I think I'll sit on it until I'm finished with the Aveeno stuff I got. I wish face lotion wasn't so damn expensive.

In other news, I am not finishing a book which is unusual. I tried to get into this book called Moby-Duck that I found in the library. Looked like it was going to be a nice combo of whimsy and science-- it's written by this guy who decided to learn more about that news story from the nineties about bath toys going overboard. You'd think it'd make for a fun adventure story given he supposedly does the whole thing on the cheap and ends up navigating the Pacific and the Arctic... but nope.

Book suffers from what I like to call trying too hard to be Thoreau. Blue Highways suffered from it too, though not quite as badly. I'm starting to think I should just avoid anything memoir-like from a male former English teacher because really he spent the 67 pages of it that I did read mostly going on about how ineffectual he was and trying to establish some kind of literati cred by referencing all these bits of literary canon that a general audience doesn't care about and little ol' me rolls her eyes at. It took him 67 pages to even get to the first leg of this stupid trip, and then he writes of not even going outside of his hotel room for days. Like.. wtf mate. Don't sell your self-indulgent literary masturbation material as a whimsical adventure story you hack. And stop pretending that this is at all related to science when you keep name-dropping shit without explaining it. I take offense at your title, sir, because Moby-Dick will definitely teach you a lot about whaling during the time period and you, sir, got nothing.

Sad thing is that Thoreau was more entertaining. The unexpurgated Walden is basically a fixed-time-period blog in book form. It's got your expected "this is what I did today" interspersed with philosophical musings and political rants. It actually made for pretty hilarious reading because I had to teach an excerpt from it for a few years and Thoreau was pretty clearly an anti-capitalist libertarian. (Yeah wrap your head around that.) Needless to say the textbook heavily purged even the chunks that it used in order to make it sanitized for kiddie protection. (I may have to dive back into Walden because I am contemplating being bad next year and using an uncensored extraction when I hit this one.)

So yeah, 0/10 don't waste your time.

I need to hit the library again for books and start picking out what I want to truck to the beach. I don't really want to take my Kindle because sand errywhar and I don't want to take library stuff because water so I'll probably raid my shelves for paperbacks I haven't read in a while. I should at least dig out my copy of Dune since I bought it at the beach years ago to read and I think it would be nice to have a re-read on the beach. (Dune is the only one out of that series I really like, and I've read most of them. Herbert got on the cat drugs right quick.)

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