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Made banana bread. It was amazing. I am tempted now to try that no-knead bread thing, since I happen to have a dutch oven that's all metal. (Though.. I dunno at the same time because 450 is hot in the summer. That might have to wait for winter unless I can find something that bakes at a lower temp... or maybe I'll just hit the bakery tomorrow when I go looking for the damn bok choy.)

(Wegmans irregularly has baby bok choy and I want it for a recipe ok?)

Also went on a short walk around the pond. Got some pictures of the geese. I might go back tomorrow with the zoom lens on the camera-- I got some very nice snaps but I wasn't about to piss off the geese... they always produce a clutch of goslings and one of the parents (not sure which) is super hella aggressive with anything that gets too close to the precious babbies. Got to watch it run several of its flockmates away, actually. I think it might be the dad since it tolerates the other parent being around, but dang son.

Also gonna hit the physical library because I want that stupid Star Wars book and I'm halfway through Outbound Flight. Thrawn is still hella Gary Stu, and I still want to punch all the Jedi (including Obi-Wan even though he's normally my favorite because Obi-Wan you should not be agreeing with Master I-Wish-I-Was-A-Darth you should be punching him in the face and shutting this farce down JMFC). I'm gonna need books if I'm going to bake myself at the pool this week, and it's either pool or sit in the house come midweek because it's going to hit the nineties for the first time this week. (I say for the first time because this is a normal occurrence in July and August. I think it's a little early this year-- haven't even had the solstice yet.)

I have to admit that being stuck on a giant super-ship flying to who the fuck knows under the control of a cracked out autocratic mind-controlling madman sounds like a fun game setting. :3

Weekend I actually have plans! Brother's b-day falls on Monday so he's having his birthday party on Saturday. Maybe I'll take the camera-- I wanna get some decent shots of fireflies but this place is ass at night with the super-bright lamps everyfuckinwhere. It's so bright at night you can see the green of the grass pretty much all over the place. Like, midnight rolls around and you can go outside and watch the bats and enjoy the greenery of your lawn. We'll take the dog. That should be funny too.
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