Jun. 11th, 2014 05:11 pm
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I think I might take a break from RPing and attempting to look at plurk. Going through a pissy period because of employment sucking, and I'm a little bummed since there are maybe two people online who actually talk to me anymore. I shouldn't be so surprised that this happened since I had a circle of people I RPed with a few years ago and the same thing happened when I left that game-- most people just stopped talking to me. Probably doubly so since plurk anymore seems to be one gigantic self-pity circle-jerk and I'm really tired of woe is me and an avalanche of hug emotes being 90% of what I see when all I really want to talk about is actual stuff. (The other 10% being about games I'm not involved/interested in... but seriously when did endless bitching about things become the norm when I wasn't looking? Well.. ok that and Game of Thrones, but I refuse to have anything to do with it because I like my fiction to be escapism and there's nothing escapist about assholes having shitty lives and dying senselessly and gruesomely while the even bigger assholes make out like kings... If I want that I can watch CNN. And yes I am speaking from experience because I tried really hard to read the first book when it came out and the only storyline I actually finished was Dany's because the rest was so fucking grimdark. First time I didn't finish a book in my preferred genre.)

Just gonna chuck tags into the archives for now and take some time off. I like the games I'm in, just not sure if I really wanna continue with it at the moment. Maybe it was starting off with tabletop that got me because I'm just used to actually being friends however transiently with my rp buddies and it's just not happening anymore, so that sorta sucks the fun out of it. Maybe I need to put together a tabletop group or something.

In other news, I finished reading a book about introversion. It was interesting-- lots of space devoted to the biological basis for introversion and how our cultural ideas about extroversion always being better are stupid for a variety of reasons. It sort of skimmed the idea of how extroverts can better support the introverts in their lives, but it was pretty interesting reading. And then I read The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking, but it seemed a lot more muddled than his last book since the gist seemed to be anthropic principle because quantum physics. I sort of got what he was talking about, but The Cosmic Landscape really lays out the case better for the idea that the universe is a ridiculously crazy and diverse place and we shouldn't be surprised that we're here because out there somewhere is everything that could have ever possibly existed.

And now I'm reading a Star Wars book because reasons. Thrawn is a total Gary Stu little shit and it's kind of glorious when it's not eyerollingly annoying, but the Jedi are assholes again and it makes me roll my eyes. Sure, Lucas, retcon the Jedi into being completely emotionally repressed in the Old Republic era because that's so the kind of people you want being the protagonists. I mean hell the Sith are cartoon villains and they still often come across as being more complete people than half the Old Repub-era Jedi are. (Not reading the New Jedi Order books, nope. Read the first one and then I was like this is bullshit and stopped. See earlier statement about hating things that get grimdark just because, and from all I've looked at that references it, things just get worse.)

Tempted to track down the trilogy about Darth Bane just because he sounds fun. Also still waiting for the other Darth Maul novel to come out in paperback because the last one was fun even though the prose was purple as hell.
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