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So I wrote something for the first time in several months. Glad to know that's coming back up and running. I'd like to finish my main Tron fandom project. It's set somewhere in Domestic-verse since that's getting to be the canon-compliant 'verse that ate Tokyo, but I'm not sure if this bit will cross over or not. Will have to see.

I bought a camera yesterday-- it should come in the mail tomorrow. Got a really, really nice deal on an Olympus PEN-series kit. Body and two kit lenses for only $299-- the original really great deal with for $399 but there was an inexplicable markdown as sometimes happens on Amazon and well. Wasn't gonna get a better price than that. I just got home with a 32gig memory card for the new camera. :3

I'm going to need to do some google mapping. We're contemplating taking one of those cruises on the Virginia side of Assateague now to go look at the ponies. (Maryland's ponies are more spread out, and the Virginia ones are more tame besides, so...) That means driving into VA, probably via the bridge-tunnel which will be its own bit of interesting since the damn thing is so huge it actually has a rest stop/visitor's center in the middle of it. (I remember it decently well from a family trip to Virginia Beach years and years ago. It'll be interesting to see what it's like now since I was in middle school then.)
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