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1. Broke into some v-day candy. OMG, I know what I'm tucking into my lunch the rest of the week. Dark chocolate truffles... so good. (I think I'm in the middle of a bit of a yen for chocolate, but meh I'm getting fussier and fussier about sweets.)

2. Ordered a new watch! My current one is starting to see the gold-tone stuff peel off, and since I'm also trying to curate my wardrobe a little more intelligently, silver-tone only for me from now on. (And silver things are cheap, which is nice!) Free one-day shipping too since Amazon is convinced moms like watches for Mother's Day. This one's going to be stainless steel with an actual jewelry clasp, so hopefully no more hideous red marks on my wrists at the end of the day and it'll keep looking nice without much intervention from me. (Though I have to go back to reading analog... oh well.)

3. My rogue got her name change the other day... and I also managed to snag just enough 502 gear out of a couple of very special ToT runs to be able to start in on Siege. Hopefully this time I will make it all the way to kicking Garrosh in the face. I've been wanting to do that since frickin Burning Crusade ok.

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