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I've come to realize something about Tumblr.

It seems a lot of people there are addicted to being outraged, which is hysterical considering they're pretty much all SJW types. I suppose it happens-- I remember being younger and first learning about that stuff and seeing over and over again all the crap in the world that pissed me off because it wasn't fair... but then I got over it and stopped seeking that stuff out because it was terrible for my blood pressure, among other things.

Trying to brainstorm some more blacklist keywords because there are a couple people on my Tumblr list where I like the rest of the stuff they post but good lord I do not need to feel my blood pressure climbing again after scrolling through yet another reblog of some outraged weh already. It doesn't help that on the rare occasion the post actually is something aside from pointless bitching, it's a link to a pointless internet petition.

Like, jeeze guys. There's a reason nobody takes you all seriously.

But it's sort of ironic since you normally hear that addicted to outrage charge leveled at conservatives (and don't get me wrong, the shoe fits) but there's no attempt to stop a moment and go "hey wait a minute" as far as their own behavior. You know you've gone through the looking glass when you see posts that basically amount to "can you please stop being a shitheel to people who happen to have privilege in US society" get reblogged with progressively longer bile-fueled rants about how nobody has an obligation to be not a shitheel to anyone because oppression. Like, wow. Again, this is why nobody takes you seriously, including the people who do happen to actually be fighting for equal rights instead of shooting their mouth off on a stupid social media site.

Seriously, though, if anyone has more ideas for blacklist keywords let me know. "Signal boost" and "representation" made the list today, but I'm trying to brain a few other buzzwords I see a lot so I can hopefully not lose the actual interesting stuff. (Probably was about time to nix the signal boost because if they aren't on stupid SJW rants they're on moneybeg posts which are even more annoying.)
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