Jul. 5th, 2014

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The Wave was pretty much everything Moby-Duck was not, which made for nice reading.

Basically it's about people going after rogue waves. The author primarily follows a bunch of big-wave surfers around, because they're the ones who spend the most time doing the thing, but she also takes the time to interview oceanographers and even some guys from Lloyd's of London (who insure the big container ships) about them. It's still a bit thinner on the science, but that's pretty quickly explained by the fact that really we don't know much of anything about very large waves.

The author's part of the story, but unlike with Moby-Duck she mostly stays out of it instead of trying to make herself the focus. It's the adventure that the book focuses on the most-- the adventure of the surfers chasing the perfect wave and the politics of professional surfing, the mystery of the ocean and how and why these things happen... I might go looking for her other book to see what that's all about.

It was generally just really fun, definitely a good one if you're having a moment of wanting to feel the mystery and romance of the ocean.

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