Jun. 14th, 2014

tehkittykat: picard and the original original enterprize lol (trek; lol enterprise)
Hello summer vacation.

The dog is naked now. He looks ridiculous, but he always does when he's shaved. (But he's also not camped on the tile anymore.)

There's a nice cool snap going on this weekend, highs are back down in the seventies. It's going to spike up again next week, but that's what the pool's for. Contemplating a library run on Monday for books, but I also have a pretty good sized list of them to download from Overdrive as well, so we'll see.

I'm wondering if I should do things with my Flickr account again. You can sign up to have your images open to the stock photography companies, and then if they add you to the library you get some cash. It's highly unlikely, though, and yahoo has pretty notoriously mismanaged the service so I dunno. Have to think about it.
tehkittykat: baby dressed in moogle costume with book (ff; baby moogle)
Well... Re/Al is closing in July, and Crux is going through a slow heat death with the main mod never on. I think fate just decided the rp situation for me, there.

I suppose I'll have to actually figure out a hobby for a bit.

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