Apr. 22nd, 2014

tehkittykat: mega man eat dr. wily's brains (megaman; brains)
World of Warcraft seems to be my go-to hobby when I'm not catching up on re-reading books. One point away from being able to do flex SoO. Looking at Icy Veins helped me optimize my rogue, and I have a shiny new UI that's actually pretty nice now that I'm getting used to it. I might look for the enhancement options, since I think my brother's has some bells and whistles that mine lacks, and I still need to write that macro for using cooldowns and/or the glider cloak I have now. 45K more timeless coins and I can get the sweet trinket.

I might spend some time this weekend running LFR and so forth for valor and maybe that last piece or two of gear. Also probably going to work on questing through Townlong since that'll get me Shado-Pan rep and I'm slowly meandering my way to getting exalted with them for the awesome cloud serpent. (I have horrible RNG luck so I'm not going to chase Houlon for the even cooler one.)

I think I might just be moving away from journal rp as a thing. Space Game seems to be fading out into obscurity, and I'm not real interested in trying to carry the place when at last count there were something like fifty players. Figures a lot of the people who signed up originally aren't the types to actually be able to come up with anything on their own. I've had my fill and then some of trying to chivvy people along. (Re/Al I think I shall keep for the time being. Alia is snarky enough to keep it fun... though if I get distracted and idle out that way I'm not going to be upset or anything.) I dunno maybe it's time. I took a long break from journal RP the last time I did a stint that was about this long and started playing WoW instead... so I'll probably disappear from the rp world for the next like five years if that's the case.

I shall plug slowly away at my fanfic, or at least at Domestic because I do have some plans for where I want that to go... but yeah feeling fandom participation on the wane again. Probably particularly since the people I was enjoying talking to have largely pulled away from socializing online.

In other news, they make universal cozies now. It'll stretch to fit supposedly just about anything.. I have it on my water bottle now, but it'll stretch for a wine bottle and I bet it'll fit on my reusable bottle. (I have Dasani now because I didn't notice my reusable bottle was scuzzy until partway through the morning at work and I was like hell no and went to get water. And then the machine decided it liked me-- the tap water is shitty here ok-- and not only spat out two bottles instead of one, it gave me back my money in quarters. Yay coke machine!)

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