Apr. 19th, 2014

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I will have to do picture later.. I just ended up taking pictures of the lions outside the BMA since we had run around the Walters before I actually read the photography policy and realized you could photograph the collection.. and the BMA stuff couldn't be photographed. All in all we had a fun museum day, would do again. We might go back to the BMA when the renovations are done. It was basically modern art only as the rest of the museum is being renovated, and for some reason the modern art made me nauseous. (People have strange reactions to art, but I think I prefer the kind of modern art that's outdoor sculpture to other stuff. I also find 19th century Western European boring, but that's probably because of overexposure.)

Had paella at the place on the harbor. It was a nice day so we were outside. So good... might be worth getting the stuff and making it myself, even if it would involve having to get saffron.

Also went to the candy and sarcasm store. They have some of the best dorky things.. got an Adventure Time juice glass and a Wonder Woman lunchbox since I ended up not liking anything in either of the museum stores. Still have a bunch of cash left too, so that's cool.

Tomorrow we split up since the wife has one of the three times she goes to mass and I'm going up to my parents' since I got suckered into making mac and cheese for Easter dinner. I'm taking the dog. He can run around the giant back yard like a nut and freak out mom and dad's dog. (And hopefully not get too all over their cat because their cat is old and crabby.. and Miso is not very mean at all.) Then tomorrow is groceries and vegging out because I'm off and the wife isn't, and because I like vegging.

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