Apr. 1st, 2014

tehkittykat: roll and mega man enjoy some noodles on a hot day (megaman; summer days)
Have discovered a definite correlation between left leg hurting and wearing certain shoes. Modest dress shoes are now back in the closet where they belong, and I am going to be sticking to ballet flats because ow ow ow. I really need to figure out where the hell I put my crocs because I have some cute ones that I could wear to work if I could find the bloody things.

Still enjoying the spring air temps. Been rolling with the car window down in the afternoon.

I'm blaming Blue right now but I seem to have developed a thing for yerba mate over the last couple of weeks. It's like an energy drink for people who are sickened by energy drinks! Now I have to debate between mate and coffee in the morning. (I think I might do coffee though since it's been a few days.) The biggest problem is resisting the temptation to caffeine up in the afternoon during the afternoon slump, since I never sleep as well if I do that. So far I've been having less of a slump though, not sure if it's the yoga or the mate or some combination of both. (Well or stepping away from the internet a bit, that's always a possibility.)

I am disappoint that the weather forecast for next week keeps indicating cooler temps. I can deal, but meh I want a warm day for the festival. (Which I need to buy the tickets for.. oi so much to do.)

I also switched default privacy over to public because I rarely talk about work even in locked stuff. Oops.

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